how to insert parts of one mp3 audio file into another mp3 audio file

I use Audacity v3.0.3 Windows 64 bit

I have two mp3 audio files, file A and file B.

I want to add certain parts of audio from audio B into a particular section in audio A.

Can someone tell me how this can be done?


Need a better description of the job. Audacity can’t take a mixed song apart into individual voices, instruments, or sounds. So you can’t, for example, add the flutes from over there to the violins over here.

There’s another problem a little less obvious. Even if you get what you want, you can’t make another MP3 out of the mix. Or you can, but it won’t sound as good. Every time you make an MP3 from another MP3, the compression damage gets worse. If you do that three times, you may not have a show any more for the honky, bubbling distortion.


Thank u for your comments.

From your comments I understand copying mp3 files will degrade quality/sound with each mix.

In the meantime I found what I was looking for.

The solution was to

  1. open those files in Audacity,

  2. from file A click on Time Shift tool to create an insertion space,

  3. insert parts of mp3 from file B into file A per #2 above


For lossless MP3 editing …

thank u