How to Insert gap/silence between two sounds/Clips?

I want to add 1sec gap/silence between two sound clips or track. Exactly 1 sec. No matter the current gap is below 1 sec or over 1 sec.


So click in the blank space below your track. Generate > Silence > 1 second > Generate. Then Ctrl+C to Copy the 1 second audio clip from the new track. Now click at your target destination, then Ctrl+V to paste the silence.

If you need repeatedly extend silences wherever they occur in the track, there is an Audacity plugin which does that automatically …

If i copy and paste then the existing silence will include with the track. So it goes above 1sec.

I need a solution there will be only 1sec gap.

Effect > Special > Truncate Silence. See: Truncate Silence - Audacity Manual

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