How to insert a new "sentence" into an existing audio clip?

I’m a teacher who makes audio files for my students, and record my voice in MP3 format in Audacity.

There’s a part in the track where I’m not happy with what I said, and want to add some information , into the existing track, about half way through it.

Is it easy to do? Can you show me please how to do it?

Thanks for your time and help,


Audacity does not record MP3 format. Audacity records Audacity projects. To create an MP3 you must export the audio from an Audacity project in MP3 format. (See here for more information:

Select the part that you want to delete (click and drag). When selected, press play and check that the selection is correct.
“Edit menu > Remove Audio > Split Delete” to remove the unwanted audio. This will delete the audio and leave a gap where the audio has been deleted.

Click on the “Time Shift Tool” (double headed arrow button <–>) and drag the right hand section a bit further to the right so that you have plenty of space for the new part that you want to insert.

Change back to the normal “selection” tool (short-cut is the F1 key).

Click on the track a little way before you want the new part - this will give you a “lead in” to the new part.
Press the record button. A new track will be formed and start recording.
Record the new part and press Stop (or spacebar) when you are done.

(Optional) Trim off any excess silence from the start/end of the new part.

Change back to the “Time Shift Tool” (short-cut F5 key).
Drag the new clip and the final clip so that the entire sequence plays. It should look something like this:

When you export the audio the tracks will automatically be “mixed down” to a single file.

Sorry for my late reply,

and thank you VERY much for your detailed reply!