How to increase speed of exporting tracks?

Hi guys, how can I increase the speed of exporting tracks? I am using 16bit 44hz stereo 2 channels, i changed it from 32 bit floating, but that may no difference, it still takes 1-2 minutes to export tracks I’ve edited. I import one long track and export smaller, shorter tracks, is there a faster way? I have 8GB ram, on an Intel celeron, i don’t know what affects the speed of exporting tracks? I have version 2.1.3 exe installer on win7

Get a SSD?

I assume you meant 44100 Hz (44.1 kHz). If the sample rate of the track differs from the project rate bottom left, resampling will be required and that will slow up exports.


How long are your “shorter tracks”? I just saved a 3.5 hour file and it took 7.5 minutes. (That was actually a 48kHz file, so a little more data than a 44.1khz file.)

The hard drive is usually the bottleneck… With video editing I’ve sometimes used a 2nd drive with the original & temporary files on the main drive and the final-output files on the 2nd drive. That can sometimes cut the render time in half, since the drive doesn’t have to alternate reading/writing and the read/write head doesn’t have to jump back-and-forth between the source file and the output file.

But with Audacity you probably wouldn’t save that much time. Your original/temporary files are 32-bits, so twice the size of your output-files (so it’s already taking less time to write than to read).

I think it’s my hardrive which is nothing special, probably slow, most of the tracks I import are 44 so it must be the hardrive i have fixed the problem by splicing the export files in half, so now there are twice as many of them but at least i don’t have to wait as long for each one, i don’t have a better idea.

On another note, i have a question about zoom levels. When i import a new file, it jumps the zoom back to normal which is too zoomed out for me, how can i make the default ruler fixed by 1 second intervals all the time, now i keep pressing Ctrl 1 every few minutes to zoom in to edit.

If the tracks are really 44 kHz that is totally non-standard. The standard is 44.1 kHz. And if you are asking Audacity to resample from 44000 Hz to 44100 Hz that will add extra time to the export.

It doesn’t jump the zoom to what Audacity calls “normal” (View > Zoom Normal or Ctrl + 2). Rather it fits the entire track to the width of the project. Ctrl + 2 will actually do something like you request.

If you have any more questions please start a new topic for them, so we keep this topic just about speed of exporting.


A Solid State Drive for system and Audacity production management can make an enormous difference.

One of the Systems people at work had a very similar laptop to mine except I had the SSD and he had spinning metal. I had to transfer a simple job from mine to his. I sat down at his keyboard and I though his machine was broken.


Make sure you’re not starting to fill up your drive.

I’ve gotten speed increases on my WIn7 machine by forcing it to do extra drive optimization. I don’t remember the particulars of how to do that. It’s been a while. If you have never done that it can take some time and may need multiple passes.


Here’s notes from Microsoft.