How to increase audio volume of selection by 40% ?

Assume I marked an interval and want to increase the audio volume OF THIS interval by 40%.

How can I do this exactly?


Effect > Amplify > 5dB (top number).

Sound doesn’t work very well in percent. You would think that would almost double the volume of the work, but the increase will be almost not noticeable. The blue waves on the timeline are in percent because it’s easy to edit like that. Notice the bouncing color sound meters are in dB, not percent and 5dB isn’t much of a change at all.


Hmm, I don’t understand.

If I open the dialog you mentioned and set the value to 5db as you suggested then the “OK” button become unclickable/disabled.

How can I apply the amplification otherwise?

Furthermore you said “Sound doesn’t work very well in percent”. That means that it is possible at all.

How can I setup a percentage value for amplification?

Which version of Audacity are you using and what kind of computer and operating system? You posted in a portion of the forum where we can’t tell anything about you.

Audacity v2.0

64bit Win7 on dasktop computer

If you tick the box “allow clipping” on the amplify dialog the “OK” button will be clickable,
however clipping means the waveform is going off the scale and the sound will be distorted, i.e. “5dB” is too much amplification on the part of the track you have selected.

The envelope tool is another method of changing amplification on part of the track…

If you are trying to even out the variations in loudness of a track try “Chris’s Compressor” plugin for audacity.