How to import to/from Garage Band


I’d like to collaborate on simple songs with my friend who lives in America. He is evil and refuses to use Audacity on his Mac, and insists on using Garage Band.

Is there a way I can export an Audacity project, with the tracks all separate, such that he can import it to Garage Band to muck around with over there?

Is there a way to do the reverse?


Use WAV files as the common format.
In both cases, ensure that all tracks begin at time=0. If necessary, add a little silence to the start of every track to ensure that there is “something” (silence) at the beginning of the track.
Use Export Multiple to export the individual tracks.

Note that both Audacity and Garage Band have features that are not cross-compatible.

Cool, thanks. I think that I would have gone with WAV files in the end, but wouldn’t have immediately realised to add the silence so they all synced properly.

So cheers for that.