How to import and export AVI

  • I want to bring in an AVI video file.
    Cut up its audio.
    And then export the AVI video file.

I’ve managed to install to import the AVI file with

But can’t seem to export as an AVI file (with video).

Is it possible to export an AVI file with video from Audacity?

Is it possible to export an AVI file with video from Audacity?

No. That’s why you need to have a good video editor after you cut the sound track so you can marry them again.


oh thanks!

This seems to be the only plugin out there that i’ve found so far

And it requires AfterEffects.

If anyone has seen this function on any other Video Editing app, please let me know !!

There are a number of video editors around, some are free or low-cost.

Black Magic Design Da Vinci Resolve Lite is free. Sony Vegas is 50 $ or so.

Another low cost solution is Reaper. Version 5 (to be released soon) is 60$ and there’s a free 30 days evaluation that is fully functional.

Between these choices, and if you’re on Windows, Vegas has the lower learning curve. If you are really serious about video editing, Da Vinci Resolve is the one to go for. If you do mostly audio editing with video, Reaper is the obvious choice.

I’m not sure any of those work directly with AVI containers. Professional video works with a just couple of codecs (prores, H264…) and none of those get wrapped in AVI containers. But you can import/export most formats and a converter should be easy enough to find.


Do you know if any of these have the “truncate silence” command like

As your question is about video editing, you would do much better to ask on a video editing forum.
This is the Audacity forum and we can help you with issues to do with editing audio with Audacity.