How to hear an internal sound for recording a track

Good morning!

I’m a new user, I’m Italian and I don’t speak English so good.
So, I apologize if my words not will be as a native speaker…

My OS is Windows 11 and my Audacity version is 3.1.3.

I would be able to record a track with sound generated by a sample audio modeling, but I cannot hear what I play.
Today I installed a “virtual audio router”, but I still cannot hear nothing.
Any idea /suggestion?
Thank a lot and have a nice day!

To record the sound playing on a Windows computer you should select WASAPI as the host in Audacity.

No additional software is required unless you want to record different sound sources at the same time, e.g. microphone & gameplay simultaneously.

Thanks Trebor.
Unfortunately, if I record with WASAPI, also all the tracks previously recorded come into the new track.
I’d need to record only the new sound in a new track, while I would hear the other tracks to syncronize my playing…

If you are using a microphone, then you should be using headphones so the microphone doesn’t pickup what is playing. Make sure Overdub is turned on and Software Playthrough is turned off. If it is still picking it up make sure the Windows setting “Listen To This Device” is not turned on.

See also: Tutorial - Multi-track Overdubbing

Thanks, jademan.

Maybe I explained myself wrong: I know the procedure for recording with a microphone.
What I’m unable to is record a new track with sounds coming from inside the PC.
I’m using sound samples based on physical audio modeling, and I’m unable to route these sounds directly into the Audacity audio tracks.

I don’t know how to do this without adding a physical audio device to your system (which you could specify as output in the Device Toobar). But I imagine you might find some way to achieve this with a virtual device, but I cannot speak to that. Good luck. :smiley: