How to get vertical line to stay after pausing, like garageband?

I’m coming over from garageband where, once you select a time index, you get a vertical line going through all the tracks. This is really useful for alignment. In Audacity, I see the same line, but only when a piece is playing, and obviously I can’t align to a moving target. Is there any way to get the line to stay after hitting pause, or just stay in general when making a selection, like in garageband?

You might be able to do something with labels.

Audacity doesn’t have markers or indexes, but it does let you set labels and manage them.

Fair warning, I believe labels come out of the box as an independent track. If you want labels married to a track or a track’s content, you have to intentionally marry them.

For example, say you label several different places down a track for use later. The first time you delete a tiny segment of sound at the beginning, the sound track closes up to fill the hole and all the labels are wrong. You need to know it’s going to do that.