How to get two tracks for recording two people

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 two person set up. Both mic are showing up on the same track and not on two separate tracks. How do I fix this? I have it set up to MME, Microphone Realtek audio, 2 stereo recording , and microsoft sound mapper output. I am new at this so still figuring out how audacity works. I have Windows 10 and using Audacity 3.1. Thanks!

Windows 10 and using Audacity 3.1.

The current stable Audacity version is 3.1.3.

Two person podcast is harder than you think. But your setup should have worked.

Just to cover it, what are the microphones?

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

If you put your wired stereo headphones into the 2i2, can you hear one voice on the left and the other on the right?

If you separately yell (never blow into a microphone) into each microphone, do the individual volume knobs on the 2i2 flash red for each performer?

There’s quite a bit of troubleshooting you can do before you even get to the computer.

Clean shutdown the computer. Shift+Shutdown > Wait > Start. Do Not let anything such as Skype or Zoom automatically start.

Still do it? Audacity Preferences > Recording > [_] Overdub. Do not select.

Go into the Windows Control Panel and make sure the 2i2 is mounted there and it’s in stereo. I don’t think Windows has two different volume meters, but I’m pretty sure there is a clicky for mono/stereo.

Like I said, I expect this to work. It’s ordinary stereo the whole way.

Is it a laptop? Are you recording the laptop built-in mono microphone? Scratch that and your production microphones and see which one wakes up.

When you tell me the microphones, I can tell you the acoustic problems you’re going to have.


So with Audacity, you are going to record one stereo track. Once microphone will record on the left channel, the other on the right. After the fact, you can split the stereo track into two mono tracks. See: Splitting and Joining Stereo Tracks

To record, plug in your Focusrite, then start Audacity. Otherwise, Transport > Rescan Audio Devices. You can select MME or WASAPI, whichever works, but the next box needs to be your Focusrite, then 2(stereo). You can do a scratch test (lightly scratch the microphone) to verify which microphone is recording. If you are still not picking up the microphones in separate channels, do this:

Window-key, “R”; then type in mmsys.cpl, Recording tab, Focusrite, Properties, Adavanced, Default Rate = 2 channels.

If none of this works, post a screenshot of what you do have.

Thank you kozikowski and jademan! I was able to fix it by going into control panel and switching it to focusrite and then using the split stereo track. You both have made my day!

Are you editing each voice independently of the other? Are you find that the two voices get into each other’s channels? Did you find interrupting each other creates some serious production problems?

Are you thinking about adding a Zoom conversation to the show?