How to get to the end of each song to cut in a large re-mix

Hello Group;

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My GF downloads these large re-mixes ~170 MB in sizes…

She wants a tool that can point to the end of each song or beginning of next song exactly
without having to drag the line thru the file manually …

Is there a shortcut key or something else That I can to in Audacity or other tool to do this ??

Thnx a Bunch & Cheers !!

If there is some clean silence between the tracks you can use Silence Finder to mark the gaps:

If the songs are crossfaded so there are no silences, things get trickier… You can find and “mark” the start of a new song manually, but player support for “chapters” or songs/tracks in a continuous recording is not widely supported except on “shiny discs” (CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays).

One alternative is to split the program into individual files and use a “gapless” player. (Gapless AAC is easier and more widely supported than gapless MP3.)

Some player software (such as [u]foobar2000[/u]) supports [u]Cue Sheets[/u]. You can make a cue sheet with Notepad. foobar2000 also supports gapless playback of individual tracks.

With some burning software (such as [u]ImgBurn[/u]) you can use a cue sheet to burn a CD from a continuous file place the track markers wherever you wish.