how to get title of window using handle

Here is my code

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)
Local $TextFileName = "Log-of-audacity-window.txt"
If WinExists("Cross-Platform") Then
$Logging = "Audacity« Cross-Cross-Platform Sound Editor window found" &@CRLF
FileWrite($TextFileName, $Logging)
Local $Cross-Platform_window_handle = WinGetHandle("Cross-Platform")
$Logging = "Window handle is " &$Cross-Platform_window_handle &@CRLF
FileWrite($TextFileName, $Logging)
Local $found_win_title = ??
$Logging = "Window title is " &$found_win_title&@CRLF
FileWrite($TextFileName, $Logging)

Here I am searching a window using a substring of title .
Now I want to know the full title of window that was found .
How can I do that ?


What language is that?
Is it an AutoIt script? If it is, you may do best asking on the AutoIt forum:

I am sorry .
I will post it on autoit forum .
Thanks .