How to get this sound?

I posted a few weeks ago about how to get a radio type of effect, but couldnt really describe what I was after.

A band on soundcloud started following me, and they have something close to what I want. I have asked them how they got the effect but had no reply.

The vocal effect starts at 3:05 (this is not me advertising or anything, I just want to know how they got the effect)


I don’t know that I would have called it a “radio” effect. It sounds like “fuzz guitar” effect for a voice. I’d probably copy a clean (sometimes called “dry”) voice track to a second track and apply Effect > Hard Limiter or Effect > Leveler to the second track. You can make each track dominant to taste. You can apply the tricks to the first track, but that’s harder to recover from if something goes wrong.

There is an Auto Chorus affect that may be custom. I don’t see it in the regular effects list. That should give you the second part of that song.

Remembering, of course, that Audacity Projects do not save UNDO. Don’t do anything that affects original tracks.


Thank you koz as always.

I shall have a go. Ill link more songs that have the effect i want when i can remember what they are

Which is why you should always save your material to a favored location on your computer first.

I always do save!

Make a duplicate of the original voice track.
Apply one of the “Broadcast Limiters” to the track with a heavy setting so that there is a lot (too much) distortion (
Apply the High Pass filter - frequency about 1000 Hz, roll-off 12 dB per octave.
Amplify so that the peak level is 0 dB.
Adjust the levels of the original (unprocessed) track and the new (processed) track to give the desired amount of effect.
Select the two tracks, then use “Tracks > Mix and Render” to mix these tracks into one.

Also, the example that you gave has multiple copies of the vocal with different pan positions and shifted a short way along the time line to create a “stereo echo” type effect. Use the Time Shift tool to slide tracks a little to the left or right (

Which settings give the broadcast limiter a heavy sound, where shall i put the exciter and threshold?

Thanks :smiley:

If you use Broadcast Limiter II, Amplify the voice to 0 dB first, then try a “Threshold” setting of 0.2.

im using III, shalli use II instead?