How to get this kind of vocal effect?

I notice that hes using audacity, but I don’t understand what hes doing to the vocals to achieve his voice effect, can anyone tell me? I’d like to use a similar effect in my own music. (Full version of it)

Oh yeah, also im using Ubuntu 21

Helmet-Radio plugin should work in Audacity on all platforms.

It can be used to create lo-fi microphone effects …
lo-fi microphone simulation.png

it doesnt really sound quite right, do you think hes doing smth else as well?

His voice is double-tracked: he sings the same line twice …

Also in parts he’s applying reverb

He’s also panning his voice left & right.

There’s also hiss noise, (which is probably intrinsic rather than an effect). You can add hiss via the helmet-radio plugin.

is he singing the lines the same both times or like in a different way? (quieter, lower pitch, farther from mic, etc)

IMO different ways: one way is closer to speaking than singing. The other way is sung, (& has reverb).

[ PublicAddress plugin is similar to Helmet-radio, but has echo & reverb built-in].

alr ill try this stuff out, thanks for helping