How to get the mixer channels recording as separate tracks?

How do i get my several mixer channels to come through as separate tracks. For example
I recorded drums awhile back, obviously I used many mics. About 7 in fact and I was running them through a 6 channel mixer but they all recorded into one track which made mixing and other things very difficult. How do i get the separate channels of my mixer to come out as separate audio tracks that i can edit individually?

You need to have a multi-channel sound card. However, Audacity does not support all multi-channel sound cards, so you may still have problems.
Most multi-channel sound cards include some sort of recording software, so even if it does not work for multi-channel recording in Audacity, you can record using the provided software and use Audacity to edit and mix the recording.

An alternative solution is to record on a multi-channel recorder, and then import the recording into Audacity for editing. I do this using an 8 track Yamaha HD recorder.