How To Get Rid Of Bass 'Pops'?

I have a bunch of songs I really like but the bass drives me nuts, giving me headaches and ear popping. An example of the bass ‘popping’ is on this song: It’s the loud kicks keeping the temp transparent. You can especially hear it at the end.

If you still don’t know what I mean, it’s the long lines in this picture.

Is it possible to keep the bass but get rid of the pops? I want to keep the actual bass.

I use windows 10, audacity 2.1.2, downloaded it from and used the installer.

There was a similar question posted recently.


Thank you.

The only problem I’m having with the plugin is that it takes 20+ minutes to edit a 3 minute clip. Is there any way to make it go faster? Should I use wav instead of mp3 files? Should I downgrade to an older version since it was made in 2012-ish?

I noticed the slightly crispy, raspy high frequency texture of each bass hit when listening at 480p which softened and sounded less irritating when listening at 720p.

It’s a typical EM styled synthesized electronic bass which usually delivers a very clean, noiseless and smooth full bodied punch. Are you being irritated by the low end subsonic portion or the higher pitched punchy ‘P’ percussive portion?

It might be the quality of your listening device or YouTube settings or a combination of both. It sounds right to me played at a comfortable volume but to each his own.