How to get rid of a lot of extra background noise

We had a video recorded kinda in a bar setting for our wedding from a local singer, and I discovered this program, but I am really new to this and just need tips, like there is a lot of background noise and we just have a 15 sec clip we want to clean up so all you here is the guy talking not all the extra “Bar background” Noise. Any help or tips would be greatly aprricated.

Probably not without making the voices sound funny. You hit one of the scenarios we can’t help very well. Is the clip posted anywhere we can download and try it?


I dont have it uploaded anywhere no but i could always try to. Just not sure if I can make it work right or not. if u want i can try to uplaod it

Probably not worth the effort. Your show violates #4.

The Four Horsemen of Audio Recording (reliable, time-tested ways to kill your show)
– 1. Echoes and room reverberation (Don’t record the show in your mum’s kitchen.)
– 2. Overload and Clipping (Sound that’s recorded too loud is permanently trashed.)
– 3. Compression Damage (Never do production in MP3.)
– 4. Background Sound (Don’t leave the TV on in the next room.)

Any random sound in the background, traffic, conversations, TV or Radio is enough to do in your production.