How to get Blue Yeti Mic to work in Audacity Mac?

I have been using Audacity 3.0.0 on MacBook Pro- Catalina. When I got Blue Yeti Mic, Audacity does not work.
Any suggestions how to open Audacity with Blue Yeti Mic? This mic is terrific and would like to use it!
Called apple and they did not know how to fix this problem. Is this an Audacity bug?

Let’s make sure the Mac is seeing the mic.
Go to Apple (menu) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. Can you see the Blue Yeti there? If you speak into it, does the input level meter bounce?
– Bill

The Yeti MUTE button (facing you) is also the status light. It should be on steady for normal use.

There are a number of different Yetis. Yeti Blackout, Yeti Pro, Yeti Nano, etc. Which one do you have?