How to fix a windy sound?

Hello, I was noisegating my recording and got some windy sounds with my voice :laughing:
I captured it with the attachements, don’t know will you know what I mean…

btw. where can I learn more about audacity? to fix stuff like that and be able to really understand the frequencies and what do you think how much time would taht take?

I’m using MacOS Catalina 10.15.6 (19G73)
Audacity: 2.4.2

Thank you!
wind blowing location.png

Damage caused by (too much*) noise-reduction is not reversible, [ * the “f” from “for” is almost gone ].

With Noise-Reduction the trick is to use as little as possible, as it will always damage speech to some degree.

Do you have the work before you did anything to it? We can’t remove damage caused by effects and corrections mistakes.

Did you shoot this on a windy day, or were you applying effects and caused the windy sound?

If you don’t have a protection copy of the raw sound, that may be the end of the show. Also, always shoot sound in clear WAV or other uncompressed format, not MP3, M4A or other compressed format. M4A changes voice tones around to get its small files and the changing can burn damage into the voice forever.

Shooting voices on a windy day is hard. Many microphones have a high-pass or low cut (same thing) filter built-in. This is my microphone.

Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 3.35.09 AM.png
I push the little switch to the left (tilted) and it will help reject low-pitch rumble and growling wind noises.

Then use a foam or fiber wind screen. This is one of each. The bottom one is standard foam wind sock and the top one is furry or “dead cat.”

Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 3.41.00 AM.png
This is a video crew using a dead cat on their boom microphone.

You can sometimes “'fix” some some wind noises in post production with corrections such as Effect > Filter Curve > Manage > Factory Presets > Low Rolloff for Speech, but only if the noise isn’t very loud. If the sound channel overloads and starts cracking, that’s the end of the world. We can’t fix that.


This is Vicki Pipe in an episode of “All The Stations.” They were on an Ireland ferry and I think they shot it just for comedy effect. The sound was almost entirely trash.