How to find loop points and loop audio?

I am looking for a method to achieve automatically finding the loop point in a song.

I don’t know for sure, but the parts I am comparing should be bit-perfect.

Basically, I have a song that has an intro part, then it plays the main part, twice, then there is a hard cut. I want to find out, where the song should loop to after the hard cut, based on the waveform.

For example, represented my audio as letter, it looks like this:


So, in this case, I would want the song to go back to E, after the very end (which is D). Because there are two D’s present, I should be able to find and compare these and then the end of the first ‘D’ would be my loop point. I tried doing it manually, and it sounds very close but there is slight audio clip because it is not EXACT.

I really hope I am making sense. I am in a position where I would use this feature a LOT, and it would come in very handy for me!

If the music is rhythmic, aim to start and end the loop at the onset of a beat.

Timeline Quick-Play” is useful for finding loop points. Try out all of the options.

When you are zoomed in too close to see both ends of a selection, the shortcuts “Ctrl + [” and “Ctrl + ]” will adjust the view to centre on the left and right ends of the selection respectively,