How to filter out frequency range

In other softwar (i.e. Pauls extreme stretch), there is Frequency Filter:

so, i can easily put range instead of i.e.:


i can put

so, it removes everything lower that herz.

Audacity provides several audio filters to suit a wide range of needs:
See here:

That’s a bandpass filter. There are free plugins which will do bandpass in real-time, e.g.

NB: Only 32-bit plugins work in Audacity, (even if your computer is 64-bit)

What’s the goal? Why do you want that?

150 to 26000 is very nearly everything. If you filter that out, everything but earthquakes will be left. If you filter that in, very nearly nothing will happen.

150Hz is very near to the 100Hz that voice recorders use to eliminate rumble and wind noise. If you just want that, there is an equalization preset which does it. Effect > Equalization > Low Rolloff for Speech.


so, it removes everything lower that herz.

That would be a high-pass filter - A 150Hz high-pass filter passes everything above 150Hz and cuts everything below 150Hz.

Note that the cutoff frequency is defined as the -3dB (half power point*). So, some signal is getting-through a the cutoff frequency but it’s attenuated. The lower you go the more the signal gets attenuated, and that depends on the steepness of the filter. The steepness is related the filter “order”. Higher order filters are closer to ideal filters.

No matter how steep the filter, the cutoff frequency is the -3db point. If you wanted to pass 150Hz almost-untouched and cut everything below that, you’d use a steep filter with a cutoff frequency slightly-below 150Hz. If you wanted to almost-completely cut 150Hz, you’d use a steep filter with a cutoff slightly-above 150Hz.

A low-pass filter passes everything below cutoff and cuts everything above cutoff. You’d use a low-pass filter for a subwoofer.

A bandpass filter passes a range of frequencies and cuts everything above & below. A bandpass filter can make a recording sound like it’s coming over the telephone. You can make a bandpass filter by combining high-pass & low-pass, or you can run one and then run other.

A bandstop filter cuts a range of frequencies, passing everything above & below. These are rarely used in audio. Sometimes an equalizer is used to reduce and band of frequencies, but we rarely filter-out a wide band completely.

A very narrow-band bandstop filter is called a notch filter. In this case, only the center frequency is specified. For example, you could use a 60Hz notch filter to “notch-out” 60Hz power-line hum. You can get nearly infinite reduction at the center frequency, but of course no filter is perfect… There are -3dB points and they depend on the steepness of the filter.


  • -3dB is half the power (wattage), but it’s 70% of the amplitude (digital level or voltage).

And all these filters cause some sound damage. So that brings us back to why you want this? What job do you have?


thank you guys!

In the screenshot i’ve used, that program has excellent filter, because i can remove Drum-Bass-Beat sounds from tracks. however, that program has some other lacks, and cant use fully.