How to fill a gap in a track?


Can someone please let me know how to easily fill a gap in a track? Please see attached screenshot below.

Here is what I did:

  • copy a straight line from another track
  • past it to the gap. However, I have to adjust the beginning of the track after that to sync with
    the track above in screenshot (that’s a accompaniment)
    I think there may be a better way to fill the gap but I’m not sure.

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Can generate silence at the very start of the gap, (t=0), a fraction of a second will do,
see …

Thanks for the information.

Generate → Silence can successfully add silence to the beginning of the track. However, after insert the silence, the track is pushed to right side. Would it be possible to keep the track on its original position after insert a silence in the gap?

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Uncheck “Editing a clip can move other clips” …

https ://

Great, it works as expected. Thank you. Appreciate it! :smiley: