How to export as OPUS file and make it work as a voice clip in WhatsApp?


I’m using Windows 10 64 bits and Audacity 2.4.2. What I want to do is to export an OPUS audio file and make it work as a voice clip inside WhatsApp. I was able to export an mp3 file I previously had in my PC, and send it in a chat inside WhatsApp desktop from the Attach-> Photos or Videos option, but, even if the files do work and sound fine in WhatsApp desktop, they don’t work in the mobile app. They appear as regular voice clips but won’t play, WhatsApp throws an error message.

I’m not sure what export options or other things I need to take in account for the OPUS file to play in the WhatsApp mobile app. Has someone else done something like this? You think you can help me?

Why Opus? Does WhatsApp support Opus?