How to export all tracks at once to individual files?


I searched the forum and help files, but cannot seem to find this info.

I’m wondering how to export all tracks at once to individual files.

So if I have say six tracks I’ve recorded, instead of having to export each one individually,
I’d love to be able to do something like File> Export Selected Tracks To Individual Files.

I guess sometimes they’re called stems?

Is this possible in Audacity?



“File menu > Export Multiple” :
(from your description, you will want the “based on tracks” option.)

Thanks Steve !

Interesting, I had been in such a habit of using Export Multiple for saving labeled
individual tracks into separate parts, (and it works so great for that) that I did
not think to look into whether that would be for exporting all tracks in the
project to separate files.

For anyone else learning about this, it’s interesting to note that even with, for
example, 2 of 6 total tracks selected in the project, all the tracks will be exported,
not just the selected tracks.

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If you want to exclude some of the tracks from the export, you just need to mute them (click the track Mute button). Muted tracks are not exported.

Excellent !

Thank you,