How to export all files in a folder

I have about 140 .M4A files in a folder and want to export all of them to .MP3 is there any easy way to do that? Any command line solution?
Please don’t tell me that I have to join all those file into one giant file then open it, then Add multiple label in that one and then file>export > export multiple !! because doing that would be a new definition for mental retardation!

Try [u]TAudioConverter[/u].

Once you’ve configured your desired output format & location it’s just drag, drop, and click. And you can drag-in multiple files or folders and convert as a batch.

…I assume that you know this a lossy-to-lossy conversion and (in theory at least) you’ll loose quality. But, if you need MP3s and don’t have lossless originals you don’t have a choice.

You could use a Macro (
but if all that you want to do is to convert the format (“transcode”), then other programs (such as foobar2000 or TAudioConverter) are easier, quicker, better options.