How to "even out" volume of voice

I recorded my voice on one mono track. Although I tried to speak in a consistent volume, some words are lower in volume than others.

I suspect I need to use the compressor tool, but after looking at the Compressor section of the manual, I’m unsure how to use it.

Is there another place that explains how I can achieve “evening out” the volume of my recording?

Try Effect > Compression with the default settings. After that:

Chris’s Compressor.

Chris designed a compressor so he could listen to Opera in the car. As a side benefit, it makes the performance louder and evens out the loudness variations. Use it out of the box. If you need the performance tighter, change the first number, Compression Ratio to a higher number. I use 0.77 to simulate the local radio station.

Don’t change any other settings.