How To Equalize Volume

As title, I have a track (speech) but there are too much volume difference problems.
Making some searches, I discovered the function “Normalize”, and at the beginning I thought it was bugged.
But making further searches I noticed that this function is often misunderstood with what I’m effectively trying to do.
You can see the track spectrum in attachment.
I spent few days trying to “equalize” volume at the same level, without success.
Is there an automatic way to do it, that does not consist in manually amplify some ranges dozens or more more times?
Thanks in advance.

There is a [u]Leveller Effect[/u] which is categorized as a “distortion effect”, although it shouldn’t sound like distortion.

There is also an [u]Envelope Tool[/u] which allows you to manually adjust different parts up-and-down. This kind of thing is often best-done by a human… The trick with the envelope tool is to leave the end-points unchanged and fade-up and fade-down so there are no sudden-distracting jumps in volume.

The Compressor and limiter effects might help too but they won’t be good for big changes, so I’d try the other methods first. Compression and limiting “push down” the loud parts so they are normally used with “make-up gain” to bring-up the overall volume. (Limiting is a fast-kind of dynamic compression and levelling or automatic volume control is a slow-kind of dynamic compression.)

There is also an old free program called [u]The Levelator[/u] that had a good reputation. (I’ve never used it.)

Note that when you boost the volume you also boost any background noise. If you want to use noise reduction, run the noise reduction before making any adjustments that will make the noise uneven. And boosting the volume will also boost any artifacts (side-effects) of the noise reduction and sometimes there is no perfect solution.