How to equalize the volume?

Hi all,

I have recently recorded a discussion at my home. There were 6 peoples particpated. 3 were sitting near the mic and the others were sitting in opposite to those 3 peoples. The voice is recorded clearly who were sitting near the mic and for others the volume of their speach are not good. I mean I can hardly hear what they say. So, I have an mp3 file which has volume ups and down.

Is there anyway I can make everyone’s voice sound at same level?

Thanks for your hlep.

Dynamic range compression …

“Chris’s Compressor” plugin is better than Audacity’s native compressor …

Hopefully you can do better than MP3. Did you Save a Project after the show or Export a WAV or AIFF?

The software compressors will not do miracles. If one voice is firm and powerful and the next very nearly can’t be heard, then you may have no show. One Microphone shows of groups can be done, but it takes a little work to make sure you don’t get what you got.


I will try the Chris’s Compressor plugin to see whether it helps any.


It will help, but Chris has limit settings to avoid digging up microphone and system noise and trying to make it into show. You may need to move those limits.