how to equalize all waves...

Hello, I am kinda new to the sound world, but I know how to use software like audio editors. The only thing I was
always wondering is let’s look at this picture:

How do you make it, so that all those sound waves have the same volume or dynamic volume as those high waves.
In other words, how do I sort of make everything sound rich and high in volume, without destroying the overall
quality if possible. How to make those small parts like the big parts without going manually to amplify each of them?

If you need more explanation, let me know, otherwise, just try to help me on this one.

Thanks, really appreciate it.

You can use Chris’s Compressor to even out the variations between the waves.
Effects > Compress Dynamics
I use it with the compression up to .77 or .8.

I don’t know what would happen if you applied it to a bunch of tracks at once. It’s not a Batch mode tool.
Picture 2.png