How to equalize / adjust 2 audio tracks, same speaker, 2 years later, new microphone setup?

Hi there :slight_smile:
I am quite new to audacity and audio editing, so I feel free to ask for a little help :slight_smile:

I have some audio files. All are spoken by the same speaker, but some are recorded 2 years later, and with a different microphone setup.
However, I have to combine those old and new files, and I am struggling to make them sound as much the same as possible (though I know that 100% will not be possible).

For now, I’ve tried using the Filter Curve EQ, and the result is somewhat better - but I really have no idea which frequences are important etc., and I’m sure it can be done much better.

Please find two example files (1 ‘old’, one ‘new’) and my current filtercurve on my website (could only upload 1 of them here, as I am a new user, so I put it on my website - hope that’s okay):

So, my question(s):
a) is there some effect, feature or wharever in audacity that can do it automatically?
b) is there maybe already some AI that can do it automatically?
c) how could I improve my filter curve to “perfectly” match the 2 tracks?

thank you very much for your help & thank you very much Audacityteam for Audacity :slight_smile:


There are EQ-Matching plugins, e.g. … (@6min)
But they don’t make different room reverberations match,
so you may still be able to tell the recordings were made at different locations.

Your “new” recording has more reverb(eration) from the room …

Hi @Trebor ,
thank you very much - that sounds way better than all I was able to create :smiley:
Can you give me the EQ Filtercurve, as screenshot or so?

New => Old EQ.

Red line is zero adjustment, (vertical scale is in 1dB steps).
(e.g. -3dB cut @ 100Hz, +8dB boost @1kHz)