How to eliminate only vocal from song

i use latest version of audacity on windows .

for practicing a melody, is there a way just to eliminate just the vocal track but keep rest intact?


Yes, you can use the OpenVINO music separation for that.

You’re asking at a bit of an awkward time because we just released Audacity 3.5, while openVINO has not released their 3.5 update yet. It should go up today or tomorrow though. Once it is, you can download it from Releases · intel/openvino-plugins-ai-audacity · GitHub

thank u for your response.

I assume OpenVINO is not included in Audacity in Audacity v3.5 so it must be installed as a separate plug-in.

I currently use Audacity 3.4.2 and song I am referring is mp3

The plugin is now available for both 3.5 and 3.4.2. Both are available above.

thank u

i hope it’s not so difficult to use that plug-in

This seems really promising. I notice there is an install for Windows and a build procedure for Linux. I’m on a Mac M1 and was wondering if the Linux build procedure would work? Or if there are plans to port to MacOS?