How to edit my voice to sound like what I hear

As the title says, I want to edit my voice so it sounds like what I hear when I speak, mostly for some voice recording for a school project. Specifically, I’m looking for a good starting point in order to achieve this effect.
Closest thing I’ve found is a reddit thread with a preset that is no longer available. Maybe it’s just due to inexperience and lack of time to properly figure it out, but I’ve had no luck fiddling with the EQ and bass settings to achieve anything close, and the stanford pdf wasn’t much help either. I came across a post a few months ago in which someone figured out a good starting point for the EQ and bass settings, but I cannot for the life of me find it again.

A preset won’t work because we don’t know the characteristics of the microphone. Room acoustics will also affect the recording. And, even if you have a perfect recording, the playback system/speaker also affect the sound. So, experimenting with EQ is probably your best bet. And, it would help if you’re using a good quality “studio style” microphone.

But, you should be aware that you hear your own voice “internally” as well as externally and it sounds different to you than to everybody else. You may need someone else to adjust the EQ, or just ask someone else, “Does this sound like me?”

I have a good enough microphone for the recording process, but I haven’t had much luck with fiddling with EQ. That’s why I’d like some sort of starting point with the EQ settings: settings that someone else was able to achieve the result with that I could then tweak to achieve the same result for me.