How to draw a waveform faster in audacity 2.1.3?

I have a music here in audacity, and I want to draw the waveform just that much faster without delay, I already added a new stereo track and also generated a silence, so that the problem when I use the drawing tool it seems to be very slow to To draw a complex and large waveform, is it possible to draw a more complex waveform using only Nyquist Prompt codes? Obs I am very new in this nyquist language, could anyone give an example of nyquist code to draw a waveform? thanks


What do you mean by “draw the waveform”?

No, I really need to redraw this waveform just for personal use I want to recreate this music via nyquist prompt I think using the drawing tool to redraw is much slower for this because zooming in and seeing every point in the waveform takes a long time for me

Sorry but I can’t make sense of your posts.

It’s already the second time you can not understand my question :angry:

Code in Nyquist prompt can synthesize sounds, see … Code for a Bell Tone - #4 by steve

Can I import this attachment file into the nyquist prompt? or not? Does it generate a new waveform?
spectrum.txt (12.4 KB)

No, that will not work. You have to enter valid Nyquist commands in the Nyquist Prompt. See: Nyquist Reference Manual

That data is just an average of the frequencies present in the selected region of the audio.
It doesn’t contain enough information to reconstruct the music.

It’s analogous to this graph of letter-frequency

which is not sufficient to reconstruct the text it was derived from.

How to improve the Draw Tool in audacity 2.1.3, so I can draw without zoom to see each samples?

The Draw tool is written in C++, so if you want to modify it you will need to learn a bit of C++ programming. Nyquist plug-ins do not support that type of interactive action.

You may be trying to draw (copy) the envelope of the waveform.

That is possible in Audacity, but the envelope does not contain any pitch information, it’s only the variation in volume …

Envelope-Follower demo