How to download "Label Sounds" ?

my Version is 3.4.2 and I’am missing the “label sounds” feature under “Analyze”.
Where can I download this plugin and do I have to just move ist to the plugin folder?
Thanks for your help!!

“Label Sounds” should be included in Audacity by default.
Check in the “Plugin Manager” (top of the “Effect” menu) to ensure that it’s not disabled.

I found the solution myself after surfing the internet for half a day without success.
The solution can be found in Audacity:

1: Select the “Nyquist Extension Installer” under the “Tools” menu item.
2: Select path and file. With a standard installation it is normally:
“Drive:\Program Files\Audacity\Plug-Ins\label-sounds.ny”
and “Allow overwriting”: Allow
Then: “Apply”
That’s it.
In the German version, the tool under “Analyze” is no longer called “Label Sounds” but :
Geräusche beschriften

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