how to do subliminal affirmations?


i was wondering, does anyone know what effects to apply to a voice track to get a holosync type of subliminal affirmations?

im no audio pro, but in another forum, i found this information about the silent affirmations in holosync cds:

A peak in frequency at 15500 Hz, where the “Autofonix Silent Affirmations” are “modulated”

and to remove the affirmations, do: Do a low-pass filter at 15000 Hz to eliminate the “Silent Affirmations”, if you’re using a second-hand CD

so, obviously there is something about the affirmations in the +/- 15000hz range. anyone can help me reverse engineer this technique from this info? and then, how can we take a voice track and transform it to get this effect?

thanks guys!

There is virtually no hard science about “subliminal affirmations”, almost everything is unsubstantiated claims. As they are designed to be inaudible, opportunities for rip-offs abound.

A low pass filter at 15000Hz is easy to achieve using the Equaliser effect in audacity. The first statement contains (unsurprisingly) no information on how the "Autofonix Silent Affirmations” are “modulated”, so doesn’t give enough information to do anything. You can easily generate a 15500Hz sine wave using the generate effect, but that won’t help you very much. You could try pitch shifting (change pitch effect) your speech up to 15000Hz, but it’s doubtful that your replay equipment (or hearing) is up to the job of playing them.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

does anyone else know how to make “silent sounds”? i would really appreciate if anyone knew how to make those in audacity.

thanks! :slight_smile:

HI again!

another question (noob quesiton im sure),

anyone know how to offset the frequency of a track? example, i would like to offset a voice track, from its normal frequency to high inaudible frequency such as 16khz. is the pitch tool used for this? (i tried it and it does not seem to make a prefect offset in frequency)


hi again,

well, with lots of trial and error, i managed to understand the basics of sound editing and begin to get somewhere. i will explain what i found here.

so, i take a voice track and do a few high pass and low pass filters to concentrate the sound in a certain frequency range (i.e. form 0 to 5000hz). after this, i pitch change the track to a high frequency (say 16khz) and then do some more high pass filter to remove everything below 13khz. this leaves me with a clear enough high pitch voice.

when listeing to it on an ipod, its completely silent, even if the sounds are there, as i can successfully reverse engineer the voice by down pitching it back to 5000hz.

i still have a question: i notice voice tracks are spread from a wide range of frequencies (say from 0hz to 10khz). is there a way to compress it all in a smaller range of frequency (say from 6khz to 8khz) instead of filtering out?

hope this helps and thanks!

when listeing to it on an ipod, its completely silent, even if the sounds are there, as i can successfully reverse engineer the voice by down pitching it back to 5000hz.

It’s not silent, it’s just that you can’t hear it either because your ears aren’t perfect (if you’re over 18 then that’s certainly the case) or your earbuds can’t reproduce that frequency.

Keep in mind that frequencies that high will damage your hearing if they’re at a high enough volume, even if you can’t hear it. They can also damage your speakers. You’re gambling with your hearing by doing this sort of thing.

There’s also a decent chance you’ll get a splitting headache listening to signals with that high a frequency for too long. It may have happened to me before, but I can’t prove it (nor do I want to try).

Also, it’s quack pseudo-science. There is zero evidence that this sort of thing will improve your life in any meaningful manner, unless you’re selling these CDs (in which case you’re a charlatan and I hate you).

i still have a question: i notice voice tracks are spread from a wide range of frequencies (say from 0hz to 10khz). is there a way to compress it all in a smaller range of frequency (say from 6khz to 8khz) instead of filtering out?

Mathematically, yes. But I’ve never seen a program that will do that. You’d end up with a jumbled mess of frequencies that would not sound pretty.

Protect your hearing. If you want to fiddle around with subliminal messages, stick to reversed voices and minimalist techno.

haha, thanks alatham.

well, no need to hate me, i dont sell CDs with this effect. :wink: It is for my own personal science experiments. i love to learn new things :slight_smile:

thanks for the tips!

Good to hear, good luck with your experiments. Just be aware of the risk involved.

The problem is that since you can’t hear the signal, you might end up turning it up really loud. You’ll have a very high pressure signal vibrating your eardrums and you won’t be aware of it so you won’t be able to protect yourself. That kind of vibration can make your eardrums deteriorate more quickly than they would otherwise.

It really bothers me that people sell software to do this and claim that it can improve the user’s life.

maybe anybody can help:
how to avoid that high pitched noise? I already read about it, but didn`t find any solution to that
problem. It’s really annoying especially when you turn up the volume.
I learnd that silent subliminals work best at about 90-100db ( not permanently)!!

Use a higher frequency.

dB relative to what?
dB is a ratio so there must always be a reference level otherwise the term is meaningless (it’s like saying that the level must be “4 times louder”, but not saying what it is 4 times louder than).

thank you! I tried 15000hz, 15500hz…17500hz, 18500hz
always the same: high pitched chirping.

I learned, the higher the frequency, the less understandable for the subconscious. Best frequency
sholuld be around 14500hz. What do you think?
I hear chirping around 17500 hz. Is it useful to go higher?

There is some serious doubt that a Music CD will handle that kind of work. 44100 sample rate is only perfectly accurate up to about 17KHz and it makes best-case guesses up further than that. If you need correct, perfect work up that far, you’ll need to deliver the show on something else.

As I understand this, all you’re really doing is AM modulating an ultrasonic carrier for “subliminal effects.” It’s not pitch shifting. I don’t think Audacity has any tools to do that, although it’s not a secret how it’s done. It’s first year electronics school and people have been doing it since the beginning of radio. If you choose a carrier of 20KHz and an audio signal whose maximum frequency is 5KHz (Good AM Radio) then you’ll get a good, graceful “radio” signal that extends from 15KHz to 25 KHz, still well beyond most people’s ability to hear it.

The idea is the non-linearities in your hearing respond to the energy variations while you’re asleep and convey voices to your head, even though you can’t actually hear any of it while you’re awake. This is a cousin to that Sound Cannon thing that made news a while ago.

As above, you need a sound system that responds correctly up to about 30KHz “audio” which means a digitizing sample frequency of at least 81KHz, so 96KHz it is. That and an AM tool which I’ve never seen in the Audacity tool kit. Somebody has to write that.


Getting this work to your ears could prove challenging. Most headphones and soundcards will not pass that kind of high-pitched sound. Koz

So to work. The tool needs to modulate one sound channel with another. The top track can be the carrier and it’s size changes exactly in step with the size of the second track. Obviously, the top track has to be higher frequency than the bottom or you just get an arithmetic mess.

It’s the top animation in this page.

So it’s a handle on Effect > Amplify that takes it’s cues not from a slider or text entry box, but from the overall size of the signal in a second track.


All these questions had already been discussed long ago under Silent Subliminals [solved?]

Oh. Old news.

Thank you for your reply!
I’m sure I can’t solve that problem but now I know at least what the problem might be!!