How to do live Microphone Vst effects processing?

Am very new to Audacity… When I click record, I can verify that it will record audio from my USB microphone.

However I would like to apply an effect to the live mic input so that I can use Audacity as a Karaoke voice processor.

Is this possible?


Someone else can give you a better answer…

There is ALWAYS SOME latency (delay) through the computer (related to buffers and the multitasking operating system, which is ALWAYS multitasking.) Sometimes latency can be brought-down to where it’s unnoticeable, and sometimes not. :frowning:

Audacity does support SOME real-time effects. I’m not sure if they work for monitoring.

Audacity is intended as an audio file editor/processor that can also record, and of course any audio editor has to play.

DAW applications can use real-time effects in the monitoring path. DAWs are also intended for file recording/mixing/processing, but some people do use them “live”. DAWs also support ASIO drivers, which are designed for low-latency, but you also need hardware that supports ASIO.

Or there are VST hosts.

Most pros use hardware effect processors for live applications (no operating system to mess things up) or there are mixers with effects.

Hi Thanks. I will come back to this again.
I use latencymon to fix all my PC mic live audio problems and I am able to get
reaper to hear my mic…

I somehow don’t understand how to get Audacity to even hear my mic… I guess
something simple is wrong :slight_smile: I will ask again.

as I am getting more experience.