HOW TO disable VST SCAN at startup?

dear Audacity team, i didnt update Audacity about 6 years and now i did ;), but what annoys me is that when i start Audacity it EVERY TIME scans my VST folders. i want to deactivate it :confused: i didnt find any option… can someone help? :slight_smile: thx

There isn’t any. See: Non Audacity Plugins / VST's insist on loading every time ignoring Disabled tag - #2 by jademan

thx, woah this clearly just sucks

again thx so much, v3.1.3 is working perfectly! i dunno what the Team thought when not adding a disable option, thanks so much Audacity for this great program but still if it has such a flaw i think it is well to point it out, it should be optional.

Just a reminder that in the meantime you can always abort plugin scanning by clicking the Cancel button in the Searching for Plugins dialog.

thx but this makes no sense, there should be an option to just not starting the scan at all.

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