How to DISABLE autostart on WIN 8.1 ????

I don’t want to autostart Audacity when WIN 8.1 starts. How can I reset this option? There is no entry in the autostart folder, no in registry, no in services. I am confused.

By default, Audacity does not auto-start.
Did you get Audacity from the Audacity website:

I deinstalled Audacity, searched for left overs in the registry, installed again from
Started windows, Audacity started again automatic. So the same issue as before. Any more hints from other users to this problem?

Maybe something here will help:

So, lets list all the places where you searched for auto start entries.
There is a start folder in the folder that contains the direct links (where the start menu is stored).
There are entries that you can see in the task manager.
You might also need to check if there is an entry between the scheduled tasks.
I will try to remember if there is something else.
In any case, I never got those entries added by an official Audacity installer; there must be something else interfering with this.

Deactivated all autostarts in the task manager, no result. Maybe it’s not an audacity issue, but so far there is no solution this is not confirmed for me. There was a similiar issue times ago with adobe reader starting every time after a new install. Somehow fishy. Thanks for help, Steve.

After uninstalling audacity I get this message: “Some components could not be removed. You can delete them manually.” What components are these? After removing the program, the folder is no longer present. I am still looking for a solution to the autostart problem.

There is a program that, if I remember correctly, is called “Reg cleaner”, it can search and delete registry entries found by text matching; you might find Audacity entries and delete them, but use this program with much care.

SOLVED: Old settings are deleted during reinstallation if you confirm the corresponding window during reinstallation.

Super. I’ll close this topic now that it’s solved, but for clarity I’ll restate that this problem is not due to an Audacity setting - Audacity does not have an auto-start feature built in and does not have any settings related to auto-starting.