How to delete & replace an audio track on a video file.

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Using the current version of Audacity on Windows 7, 64bit.
I’m a new user to the program and trying to find my way around it, can someone please help me with some advice on how to do the following using Audacity.
I’ve downloaded an audio music video file, flash video (FLV)and what I’d like to know, is how to delete and replace the audio track on that video file, with another audio track and then create it as a new flash video file (FLV) with the new audio track. I hope that makes sense? :slight_smile: If there is a tutorial on this via you tube, can someone direct me to the link or if someone wouldn’t mind doing a short video showing how to do it, that would be great.

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Audacity will probably be able to rip the sound portions of the show and apply effects and corrections, but it will only create a new sound file, not a new Flash video file, or any video file. You need to have some method to marry the old video and the new audio files outside of Audacity. This is where you start looking for video editors.

Creating serious video files is usually where they get you for license fees. Anybody can read files…


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Thank you for your reply and advise, I did wonder if i would need some Video editing software etc, if you or anyone can recommend a free software that will allow me to do that with some idea of how to use the program, id really appreciate it, thank you again.


You might want to take a look at the following pages:

Guide - how to edit FLV videos FREE


Fx Sound and Magic

For an open source alternative you could try Avidemux .

Generally free video editors don’t have very advanced audio editing. If you need to edit the audio in Audacity, there is an Audio Menu in Avidemux where you can set it to use your Audacity edited audio file instead of the audio track on the video.

Note that if you export your edited audio from Audacity as MP3 or AAC then those formats add a little padding of silence at the start, so you may have to resynchronise the new audio file with the original video. You can export the audio as WAV which has no silence padding, but that makes the video file very much larger (and may make seeking the audio slow on slower computers).


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Thanks to you all, so much for your feedback with all the advice and links.
I’ll give it all a go and see how i get on.

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