How to delete or lower the volume level of an instrument

Hello, I’m a newbie using Audacity and this is my first post on here. My question is…Is it possible to delete (or reduce the volume level of) an instrument (specifically guitar) in a song (mp3)? My operating system is Windows 10. Thanks!

If the guitar is solo, yes …

a song (mp3)?

Since the goal is to improve the song, note that MP3 compression quality is going to be worse if you export the song as another, similar size MP3.

You can get around this by exporting a really high quality (large) MP3, or export the corrected song as WAV.

MP3 tiny sound files aren’t “free.”


So if the guitar is part of a close, multi-instrument mix, the short answer is no.


If you are the performer, this is the reason people multi-track record. You pick the guitar track, reduce the volume and make a new mix. We can’t take a mix apart into individual instruments. We can’t make a mix into a multi-track.

Audacity has Overdubbing where you can record all your instruments one at a time using a backing track as a guide. That gives you one track per instrument (if you preformed it that way), and the ability to boost or reduce volume as you want.