How to Delete Binaural beat in a file ?

Hi :slight_smile:

First i want to apologize if my english is not the best…


I downloaded a hypnosis but in the song there are the voice of the girl and a binaraul beat
In fact the binaraul beat bothers me so i want to remove them

Serching on google i download load of stuff for remove this but no one work… and i found some topic here where people have the same question to me but follow the step and nothing work for me…

I was like using the spectrogramm and notch filter but no one work with me , still have this binaraul …

If someone can help me …

Please explain me like a total noob i’m so confused :frowning:

Thanks you and have a nice day :mrgreen:

Audacity can’t take a song apart into individual instruments or voices. So we can’t split off drums, rhythm or beats and make the volume higher or lower.

Did you try Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation? Sometimes you can use that to change an instrument or rhythm instead of a voice. Try to isolate the voice instead of lowering the beat.

If that does not work, then you may be stuck with the beat.



yes i do this

there is no nore binaural but the voice is like whispering

so i put gain to the max and it’s understandable
Not perfect but there is finally no binaraul… guess it’s ok then

I take 4 hours testing lots of stuff
but finally with only one post here i finally reach my goal


Thanks you man i appreicate your help ! :mrgreen:

Bianural Beats are created by ‘interference’ between the left and right channels, so the solution is simple:

Step 1:
Split the track into two mono tracks (see:

Step 2:
Delete one of the tracks.

That’s all.