How to delete a mistake on a track without causing a time shift

In a track I recorded, a sound occurred while recording which I want to cut out and replace with silence. When I try to make the cut, though, the recorded part that came after that section automatically moves forward to connect with the previous part (thus filling in the gap). I don’t want the gap filled. How can I make a cut without the program moving stuff around that I didn’t want moved?

I’m using Windows 11 and the latest version of Audacity, which I downloaded about a month ago.

The easiest way is to “silence” the selected audio rather than “deleting” it.
“Edit menu > Remove Special > Silence audio (Ctrl + L)”


Fantastic advice! Previously I had been using Presonus software which allowed me to make the cuts without affecting other parts of the song, but I like this even better! Thanks so much for the quick and extremely helpful comments!

Rick E

PS: I have one other problem which I am about to post now.

You can also do that in Audacity:
“Edit menu > Remove Special > Split Delete”
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