How to define reverb parameters on a recording?

Initial conditions: there is a recording of a live performance with two actors.
Task: record in the studio and replace one of the actors in the recording. It’s need to apply reverb to the studio voice so that it seems like the studio voice was recorded during the live performance.
Problem: How to define reverb parameters on a recording? Maybe there is a plugin for such tasks?

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Trial-and-error, or go back to the venue, and capture the impulse response and find an IR reverb plug-in.

Or, go back to the venue and re-record there.

…I don’t know of any IR reverbs that work in Audacity, and I’ve never taken an impulse response. I’ve only read about it.

You’ll probably need to mix-in some background noise too, but you can borrow that from the recording.

I can also give such advice myself.

This is what is needed! Thank you very much!

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