how to create audio streaming with audacity (ver 2.2.2)

Hi there,
I just installed Audacity 2.2.2, so I’m really new about that.

I have 2 win7pro PCs and I would like to hear, from one PC, the audio live from the microphone of the other PC.
Then I have to embed this audio streaming into an html page.

My final aim is to create a monitoring camera to get me audio/video live (video using YawCam).

I’m using now windows media encoder but I’m really struggling… and googling I found Audacity that seems a very good tool and I hope the right one for me…

May you suggest me how to do?

thanks a lot

Audacity is the wrong tool for that… Audacity is an audio editor/recorder so you could use it to produce a program-podcast for streaming later.

Of course Audacity can play audio because you need to hear what you are editing, but it’s not intended to be used as an audio player.

thank you very much DVDdoug for your explanation

may you suggest me some tool?

Try searching for RTP software.