How to create audio bandpass?

Trying to create a bandpass with parametric eq command line (sout transcode).

--param-eq-lowf=200 --param-eq-lowgain=-20 seems to work as expected. Cutting below 200 Hz.

--param-eq-highf=3500 --param-eq-highgain=-20 seems to cut below 3500 Hz. Was expecting to cut above the set frequency (3500 Hz).

Was expecting lowf to set the lowest passed frequency and highf to set the highest passed frequency. Thus creating a bandpass.

So how then can I create a 200 Hz to 3500 Hz bandpass?


Audacity 3.4.2

There is a bandpass plugin … Spectral Bandpass Filter Plugin

Have to apply it repeatedly (“Ctrl”+“R”) if you want it steep …

Prefer to accomplish with the built in features such as parametric eq.
Maybe I should have been more explicit about that in my question.

Seems like the lowf and highf with -20dB gain both cut below their set frequency. Essentially making one of them redundant and not useful.
Or maybe I’m just trying to use them wrongly.

You know what. Never mind. Posted this to the wrong app. Got my wires crossed with VLC.

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