How To Create Additional Audience Noise

I have a concert recording that abruptly ends at the end of the show and abruptly starts again at the encore. There is about 1.5 seconds of cheering at the end of the first track (the show proper) that wish was about 18 seconds. Additionally, there is about 3.0 seconds of cheering in another part of the recording that seems appropriate for inserting between the show and the encore.

I took the 1.5 second bit and laid it end to end twelve times. Obviously, the repetition was obvious. I made a copy and used the “Change Tempo without Changing Pitch” effect to make it 10% longer. I made a second copy, making it 10% shorter. Then, I took the 3.0 second bit and laid it end to end six times. I repeated the process. I took all six tracks and rendered them into one. I took this track and made a copy, reversing the copy. I rendered those two tracks into one. I then reduced the amplification by -10 dB.

This gave me a nice 19.8 second track that is OK. It seems like one track, not a bunch of short tracks stitched together. I inserted it between the end of the show and the start of the encore, and faded it appropriately. It’s seemless, and 99% of listeners will never notice, but seems amateurish to me. Is there a better way?

What I have is twelve tracks on top of each other, then the volume reduced appropriately. I can tell this, even if no one else will notice. The purpose of this recording is for my private use, so it’s not a big deal. Yet I want to get it correct.

You can get a little more chaos in there by playing one or two clips backwards.

No, I think you got it pretty much as good as you can do. The only other option is one we’re working on with another poster and that is download fresh audience sounds and lay that in.


There’s a quicker way …

Select all the applause you’ve got then apply Audacity’s Delay effect with “reverse bouncing ball” selected …
Audacity's Delay effect with ''reverse bouncing ball'' selected.gif
Input a delay time which is in the range a third to a half the duration of the applause you have, and ensure “allow duration to change” is “Yes”.

[ A second simultaneous applause track with a different delay-time will add more realism ].