How to correct something back to original state


I don’t know what buttons I hit on my keyboard, but now the top sound line shows all “waves”, even where there is dead air.

You can see the flat line of dead air on the second sound line, but on the top sound line its all “waves”.

How do I get the top sound line to go back to showing a flat line on dead air?

And how do I get these sound lines to be larger so they are easier to see?
I’ve used the magnifying button, but it just really screws up the whole thing where I can’t even tell whats what.

I just want it bigger so I can see it better, I don’t want it stretched out or “garbled” which is what happens when I try and use the magnifying tools.
Audacity correction.jpg

The keyboard shortcut for undo is “Ctrl” +“z” , which will undo whatever you did, even you don’t know what you did.

Vertical zoom.

What if you got past the point of using undo?
How do I get it back to original state?

Can Undo repeatedly: can undo all the steps in history.

[ Unfortunately closing an Audacity project erases the history ].

You are watching 12 seconds out of a show that’s at least a minute and 12 seconds long. To see the whole show, Control-F for the Full timeline. Drag-select a portion of the show to Select it and Control-E to zoom into that selection.Those two and Zoom out a little bit Control-3 are the only three zoom tools I use. I’m on a Mac and my keys are Command instead of Control, but I think that’s right.

The thickness of the blue waves is the volume of the show. The show in the illustration is low volume and it would be hard to edit that way. You can increase the volume of the show to maximum without distortion by selecting the whole show by clicking just right of the up arrow, and then Effect > Amplify > OK. Turn your speakers down before you do that.

Are you editing a copy of your show? You should be. Never edit original work. If you mess something up, you could flush all your work back to the original performance.


Thanks, but that didn’t work.
Actually it screwed it up even more.

I will just have to work through this podcast and hopefully the next new one will have reverted back to original settings. Otherwise I will probably just have to delete and reinstall the program.