How to copy vinyl records to your MAC without USB?

I have connected w a Harman Kardon turntable → music hall pre-amp → 3.5mm jet to type C plug → MacBook

While with audacity connected. the input sound can be detected on the recorder but it can only captioned in Mono. the stereo option is not available to choose…

How to save this program?

What is the make and model of the “3.5mm jack to type-C plug”?
What version of Audacity are you using, and what version of macOS?
– Bill

If you have an older Mac or a current Mac Mini, you have an analog stereo connection.

A simple analog adapter cable will do it.

That’s how I transferred all my 45s.

In my case, an analog turntable was plugged into a Hafler preamp to get the RIAA (Phono In) and volume compensation. Line-Out to the adapter cable.


It is possible to go direct from an analog turntable to the stereo Line-In. You can force that to work, but it’s not optimal because Phono-In is a special connection and then there’s the RIAA compensation on top of that. And you can’t change the volume. Messy. Don’t do that.


More questions.

What model of Mac do you have?

Have you looked at this page? It explains how to test USB connections (your type-C connection is a USB connection).

What, exactly, are the settings in your Device toolbar.

– Bill

3.5mm jet to type C plug

Maybe “3.5mm jack?”

I, too, would expect that to work a lot better than what you got.