how to copy / paste a large audio file

I have seven hours of various songs wanting to save as a .wav file. Since the file is too large (bigger than 2 gig) I need to either cut it in half, or thirds to bring the file(S) under 2 gig. To copy by dragging the mouse from right to left it will take me forever to copy hours, so is there a way to speed up the copy and paste other than making “labeled” tracks. Thanks!

Desperation method would be drag the file into one third (or smaller) and File > Export > Export selected audio. Repeat for each third (or smaller).


The size limit for WAV files is 4 GB, though some files systems may have a lower limit.

It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

How I would do it:

  1. Press “Ctrl + F” to “zoom to fit” the entire recording into the tracks window.
  2. Click on the waveform somewhere near the middle, and drag to the start of the track.
  3. Export Selected Audio
  4. Hold the Shift key down and click near the start of the track, and drag to the end of the track (so that the other half is selected).
  5. Export Selected Audio

Thanks for your help.