How to copy from one side of a stereo track to the other?

Sorry for the very newbie question. I have a stereo track that is essentially mono - I only have music on the left side of the stereo track. I want to duplicate the left side onto the right side so I have the same music on both left and right. When I try and copy the left side, it also copies the right side as well, so I end up with two left tracks . How to copy only the left side and paste it onto the right side? Really appreciate the help.


There’s an Audacity plugin which does that : channel-mixer


Or, a true mono file will play through both speakers, and if you’re making WAV files it will be half the size.

You can Split Stereo to Mono and then click the little “X” to to the left of the silent channel to delete it, leaving a mono track.

(Most compressed formats are “smart-enough” not to waste space on duplicated data but a “dual mono” file will be mis-marked as stereo.)

Thanks, Trebor!! Sorry for the delay.

Thanks, DvdDoug for the help and sorry for the delay.

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